Office of the VPAA

Sec. 1.   The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be appointed/ designated by the President of the College, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Trustees. In case of a regular plantilla position, appointment to the said position shall require that he shall be a holder of a doctorate degree in education, with an academic rank of at least Asso. Prof. V and with at least seven (7) years of college teaching background and five (5) years of administrative experiences. Except when appointed to a plantilla position, his term of office to such designation shall be four (4) years without prejudice to subsequent re-designations.


Sec. 2.  He shall act as Officer In-Charge of the College when so designated by the College President.


Sec. 3.  He shall be directly responsible to the College President for carrying out the educational policies and programs of the College and in supervising curricular, instructional, and other academic-related activities of the College.


Sec. 4.  He shall exercise the following specific duties and functions:


  1. To supervise and coordinate all academic units and programs of the College;
  2. To administer the overall execution of policies on instruction approved by the Board of Trustees, as recommended by the Academic Council, and by other higher authorities;
  3. To recommend to the President academic policies pertaining to curricula, faculty appointments and assignments, and academic programs;
  4. To coordinate the planning and preparation of the proposed annual budget of the different colleges and institutes;
  5. To coordinate with the research and extension units of the College in promoting the research and extension activities of the faculty;
  6. To act as ex-official chairman of all standing and/ or adhoc Committees which shall conduct regular faculty appraisal on performance evaluation, screening of applicants for scholarship and faculty development and other related purposes;
  7. To coordinate with other educational institutions and/ or related agencies to insure inter-program/ agency complementary and efficient maximization of available resources;
  8. To submit a regular memorandum of work progress to the President;
  9. To act as Vice Chairman of the Academic Council; and  
  10. To exercise such other powers and functions as may be delegated by the President.


The Offices Under the Vice President for Academic Affairs


Sec. 1.    The Offices directly under the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be the following: 


  1. The Graduate College
  2. The Undergraduate Colleges and Institutes
  3. The Office of Academic Related Services
  4. The Office of Registration
  5. The Guidance Services
  6. The Office of Library Services



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