Mission and Vision


The  Cotabato  State  University  shall  be  a  world-class  education  hub  for sustainable, inclusive, and transformative peace and development in Southern Philippines.



The Cotabato State University aims to produce science and technology professionals; and peace and development advocates; promote and undertake research and extension; generate resources; and provide progressive leadership in the fields of specialization.


Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Enhance and expand academic program in a community of learning that promotes academic excellence and innovation.


  1. Continuously increase retention and graduation rates for all students while closing the gaps in student success;
  2. Improve students’ access to quality higher and advanced education through implementation of affirmative action programs such as scholarship, and financial grants, and inclusive admission programs;
  3. Facilitate student mobility in national and international setting;
  4. Improve employability of graduates;
  5. Improve competencies and skills of faculty through advanced studies, relevant trainings and external exposure;
  6. Recruits, retains, and recognizes diverse, high-quality faculty and staff;
  7. Upgrade the quality of instruction through program accreditation in compliance with national and international standards; and
  8. Improve the performance in the licensure examination.

GOAL 2: Relevant and quality research outputs responsive to the local and global needs. 


  1. Increase the number of completed S&T-based researches;
  2. 2. Develop S&T-based products and/or innovations with academic and commercial value;
  1. Strengthen external partnerships, collaborations, and funding opportunities for research and extension;
  1. Publish research-based papers or articles output in reputable journals or international refereed publications such as Elsevier, Scopus and Thomson Reuters Journals;
  2. Utilize and/or commercialize research output/s;
  3. Generate citations for research-based papers; and
  4. Increase number of intellectual products and scholarly works with patent and/or copyright.

Goal 3. Improve the quality of life through extension services and programs dedicated to economic development and the promotion of healthy communities, people, and environments.


  1. Provide extension services that will enhance the transfer of mature technologies generated by the university to various stakeholders;
  2. Enhance and improve awareness of and access to research, technical, entrepreneurial, and professional development services;
  3. Generate new infrastructure of knowledge and technologies for food security and poverty alleviation;
  4. Maintain technology demonstration farm for farmers for trainings and technology transfer;
  5. Formulate functional mechanism for monitoring and evaluation of extension and training programs; and
  6. Provide compensation package or incentives to faculty members in the conduct of extension services.

Goal 4: Encourage revenue-generating innovation 


  1. Provide project managers and coordinators development opportunities and basic skills in accounting, theories and application of project management;
  2. Develop partnership with government and private establishments to engage in feasible business ventures;
  3. Increase institutional Income and profits through existing and new IGPs; and
  4. Maximize utilization of university’s resources.

Goal 5: Establish a transparent, efficient, effective and participative management system towards good governance. 


  1. Improve the implementation of policies and best practices in the overall management of the university;
  2. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of managers, faculty and administrative staff;
  3. Develop the culture of excellence among internal and external stakeholders;
  4. Review/restructure the administrative and academic organizations of the university;
  5. Observe fairness, equity, and justice in dealing with all various stakeholders;
  6. Standardize processes and procedures according to global standards (ISO Certification); and
  7. Strengthen the financial management system of the university.

GOAL 6: Modernization of equipment and facilities that support all functions of the University. 


  1. Provide the state-of-the-art physical facilities and equipment;
  2. Upgrade physical facilities and Equipment;
  3. Establishment of functional and sustainable internet connectivity;
  4. Enhance information and management technology resources;
  5. Develop CSU website for better access of information of all stakeholders;
  6. Upgrade library holdings that promotes intellectual advancement, productive learning, relevant researches, and quality education; and
  7. Center for halal education and innovation.


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